What do we offer?

To the Administration and to EMAS organisations
A meeting place for working in a co-ordinated way on matters of common interest.

To the members
Forming part of a group exercising its influence to respond to common needs in relation to the EMAS system; participating in working groups in areas related to EMAS; enjoying a specific information network of interest for your environmental management system; special benefits (discounts on services for updating legal requirements, insurance…), etc.

To companies that have not yet implemented EMAS
The experience of our members. The Club EMAS does not provide consultancy services itself, but in order to promote EMAS it offers the experience of its members to other organizations that are considering the idea of implementing EMAS.

Therefore, if you are interested to know what are the first steps for implementing EMAS, its benefits and results, you can contact directly any of our members (see list of members) or the Club EMAS, which will address you to the organization that best matches your sector and size in order to share information.